Hi! As always, I should be putting more content up soon. Thanks to Bill Diehl for letting me set up a virtual host on his dedicated server.

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Here is my résumé as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file.


Apache web server

This site is running on Apache, version 2.0.52. I am aware that later versions are out, but I haven't yet had time to download, compile and install the latest version.
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Apache is, in a nutshell, a continually evolving hunk of server software that’s both free and priceless at the same time. One of the absolute gems to emerge out of the open source movement, Apache is free in the sense that it’s not proprietary. Programmers essentially have the freedom to do what they want with the source code once they have it — provided they pass along to other programmers the same rights and privileges to change and modify the source code that they themselves had.

The Apache server started out as a project at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Since then Apache has been continuously developed and strengthened by members of the open source community. The Apache server has earned such a reputation for rock-solid reliability that it currently hosts over half the websites on the Internet — and almost all of the coolest and most heavily-visited ones.


This site is running CentOS 4.2, which is in a nutshell, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, minus the small percentage of RH proprietary code. This is similar to Fedora.

CentOS ("The Community ENTerprise Operating System") has been picking up speed and I'm proud to be on the cutting edge of this great Linux distro.


Photography (in no particular order)

KSW pics

House Gardens, June 28, 2008

Local flowers

House Gardens, June 7, 2009


Colonial Williamsburg

Christmas '05

CHRISTMAS 2006 at the Welch's

Repairing my video card

Yosemite Trip w/Lon 12Oct2007

North Carolina Gardens

Snow Plants at Lake Tahoe

VIVA 2010


Recent Pics


Pics from Cape Hatteras Trip (coming soon)

Pics from Kuwait (coming)

Pics from Tillman house

(please be patient with me- I have 20 DVD's of digital photos and another 30GB that I haven't burnt yet... It's going to take a bit to go through them.)

- Troye Welch