House Gardens June 28, 2008

(Selected pictures of the current state of the back and front yard at 23 Tillman Ave...)

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Tomato and Salvia plants (Blue Delphinium and Mr. Happy in background) FULL IMAGE

Some ladybug lovin' on the squash vine FULL IMAGE

Crook-neck squash (also shows the corner of the raised planters) FULL IMAGE

A jungle of white roses, salvia, tomatoes, lavender, and some purple flower that I can't remember the name of FULL IMAGE

Some pink California poppies (Usually they are golden/orange colored) FULL IMAGE

Beautiful "Summer Sky" Giant Delphinium FULL IMAGE

Another beautiful dark blue giant delphinium FULL IMAGE

Some johnny-jump-ups, (aka Violas) that were "volunteers", i.e., not planted directly, but sprouted up on their own FULL IMAGE

Some blue Salvia, just starting to bloom, I forget the variety FULL IMAGE

This light-yellow, cotton-y flower is actually a variety of lavender FULL IMAGE

A view down the row of roses. Blue delphinium also visible FULL IMAGE

The Delphinium just keeps on blooming. Here a new stalk grows after the old one fell over FULL IMAGE

Some "volunteer" california golden poppies sprouted up by the side of the house. Nobody planted them FULL IMAGE

Close up of a Hollyhock (sp?) FULL IMAGE

Hollyhock from some scattered seed (not watered or fertilized or anything) You can see some of the planters I made from old wooden pallettes with some of Christine's Italian tomatoes in them. FULL IMAGE

A scarlet runner bean in the back yard. The seeds cam from Cin. It makes a very colorful bean when it's all done FULL IMAGE

Grape vine in the backyard. I think these are going to get ripped out, even though they produce grapes, they have been small, green and sour. It probably doesn't get enough light because of the Almond tree that shadows it. FULL IMAGE

My pride and joy- Driscoli Rasberry bush, courtesy of the Itos. It's a lot happier now that I transplanted it into a bigger pot with some Premium Potting Soil from OSH. FULL IMAGE

Close up of some flowers on a fuzzy succulent FULL IMAGE

Some succulents in pots FULL IMAGE

Red, white and "blue" flower arrangement by Sara. There's red-hot Sally Salvia, Elisum (sp?) and I don't remember the purple, I mean blue, ones... FULL IMAGE

Some newly planted (by Sara) pink and purple asters FULL IMAGE

Some brilliant red "gerber" daisies, that were supposed to be annuals, but seem to be perenials as they keep coming back each year FULL IMAGE

Salmon colored gerber daisies FULL IMAGE

The next generation of sunflowers. The left half are the "Mammoth" variety, and the ones on the right are "Skyscrapers" Supposed to get to 12-14 feet high. Cool! FULL IMAGE

Don't remember what these are called. They're Sara's. I can tell I'll have to go back here later and get the captions more accurate.FULL IMAGE

My strawberry plant. It was small (see smaller cluster of leaves) and then I transplanted it into a bigger pot with some Premium Potting soil from OSH and it just took off. I highly recommend this potting soil- It's something like 8 bucks for a 2 cubic feet bag. The label is purple. FULL IMAGE

This one came with the house FULL IMAGE


Another shot of the Hollyhock I realize now I still have some more to post- Pumpkins, peppers, and the Sunflowers lining the driveway... I'll get to it later... Hope you enjoyed these!FULL IMAGE