Some Pics from VIVA 2010 (El Camino Hospital, Mountain View CA)

(click on the pictures for a more detailed version in a new window) (all files are for personal use only)


Prepping/running the wiring through the monitor boom for the microphone/intercom (rm2)

Me, up on the ladder, getting ready to crawl through the ceiling

Satellite vans outside. (the second one (PACSAT one) was a backup)

One of the perks of having all those satellite dishes around and all that equipment was that the docs could watch the Giants game live while they were doing cases.







The tech possie

Christine in her evening gown

Julissa, excited about the prospect of going live soon, holds the live satellite feed time slot schedule



Karen and Christine

Andrea tries to tell me that the battery in my camera is dead. ... I guess it wasn't completely dead yet.

We did it!!!

Dr. Joye, leaving the last case for VIVA. just finished doing some amazing work.

Lauren, posing for the camera

More posing...

Still more. OK- so the smile makes it look like less of an action shot. Note to self for next time.

Quick! We need some prune juice in room 2! Stat!!!

Fabio looks up from his work.


Erin: "Don't take a picture of me putting on my chapstick"

Me:"Ok, I won't"...

SNAP! :-)

Erin and Lisa

Erin and Lisa are pros at posing for the camera

Back of a certain nurse's head. I wonder who this could be?

Andrea tries to help me get a picture of this elusive nurse...


No dice. This is all we get... :-)

Lonny, Erin and Dennis in the hallway just after the last case finished

Chris, disconnecting the hemo monitor.

Dr. Joye doing some computer work.

Leaving the building, headed for Vegas.

Erin, flashing a gang sign.

Julissa says, "...what was *that*?"

Julissa says, "Bye!"

"No really. Bye! We're done!"

I think I saw this floating-in-the-air move in a movie once...Very eerie to see someone float off like that.


Yours truly, as glad as anyone else that it's finally over...

Marsha discovers that someone has paid a visit to her car...

Hmmm.. I wonder who could have done that?